Field Days fencing competition fun

Field Days fencing competition fun

For those of you attending the 44th NZ national agricultural Field Days at Hamilton this June (10-13), don’t forget to have some fun while there.

Fairbrother Industries, the name behind Kinghitter and Hooper Cultivation, will run two speed-fencing competitions to test your rural handiwork.

Its now famous 3 Batten Race and Farmers Challenge will be open to all from Wednesday morning right through to Friday afternoon at the Fairbrother exhibitions sites M61/63/65, offering a prize pool of $500 in each competition.

The 3 Batten Race involves stapling 3 wooden battens on to a pre-built nine wire fence in the shortest possible time using a hand held hammer of your choice.

The Farmers Challenge can test you for how fast (and how well, of course) you can strain a wire between two posts.

And, if you want to see how complete novices work, on Thursday at 2.30pm our Bachelor event tests white collar workers from various workplaces to hang a gate and apply a tie finishing knot around the post.

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