Support for dairy farmers through tough times

Primary ITO, the industry training organisation for the dairy sector, and industry good body,  DairyNZ, have partnered up to fund a Study Grant to help retain dairy employees in training during the challenging times.

“In a prolonged downturn such as we’re experiencing now, the temptation might be to abandon what some might see as non-essential costs, like training,” explains DairyNZ Strategy and Investment Leader for People and Business, Dr Mark Paine. “However, to do that would not only lose you the investment that you’ve put in, but also the full benefits of the training, which will only become apparent when the training is completed.”

The Study Grant will cover the full amount of training fee paid by trainees, and is available on a first in, first served basis until December 2016 or until the fund is exhausted.

“Primary ITO is committed to supporting talented people who are dedicated to a career in dairy farming,” says Primary ITO Chief Executive, Mark Jeffries. “We believe the Study Grant is an invaluable way to support them in the current dairy climate.”

“We don’t want farmers to discontinue training due to hardship. The initiative is a way that we can all work jointly to make sure we help farmers stay the course and take a long term view of the business, which is critical to ultimate success,” concludes Dr Mark Paine.

To qualify for a Study Grant you must meet some criteria. To see if you’re eligible, visit Study grant applications must be made through your Primary ITO Training Adviser. All applications are considered and reviewed on their merits, and a decision will be made within two weeks.

All applications must be received by the 30th of November 2016.


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